What works for me may not work for you. That’s awesome! Why? Because we’re all different people with differing strengths and weaknesses. Each of us should focus on the things we can do, and do our best not holding anything back.

Acceptance of who we are and celebrating our strengths is essential for health and fitness. I eliminate push-ups from my workout for example because they will aggravate my neck injury. Instead, I work hard on my chest press and it works for me.

It could be easy to sulk back into a corner and cry over my loss of certain athletic abilities, but what would that do for me?  Nothing. Life has given me a great purpose and a strong will to fight for my fitness. I have good and bad days just like you. Over several years of training, I have come to really enjoy what I can do through exercise modification and creative program development. I do what works for me and it’s fabulous.

It’s important to never give up hope and know you can achieve great things. Work hard to reach your goals and do whatever it takes to get there. We all have the ability to find our strong and put it to work literally. It doesn’t matter how long it takes because life and fitness are all about the journey. The important thing is to put aside fear and doubt, let go of a failure attitude, and embrace who you are right now.

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I dedicate this Blog to my beautiful Australian shepherd Roxie who passed away 2 weeks ago at 3 years young. She was diagnosed with a rare, advanced heart disease (DCM) for her breed and age. I dearly miss her and she was truly my love bug companion. Always cherished and remembered my sweet girl.

I Miss My Roxie



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